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About Our Trainers

Teachers at Tulip Model always greet the children with a smile. The teachers are well educated & well trained. Not only do they smart, they are loving, patient, warm and dedicated too. They believe that, every child is important and is nurtured according to his developmental needs.

Our Classrooms

Children love colourful environment and they prefer happy colours. Hence our classrooms have a colour theme on every wall, so you have red, yellow, blue and green walls. Unique pictures are displayed on the classroom walls. They teach the kids about everyday objects, animals and help the teacher in building vocabulary, speech, inculcating the foundation for reading, matching activities and a lot more, the walls are not just decorative pieces, but they interact and teach. The classrooms are Airy, Air condition and Hygienic.

Our Furniture

Furniture is minimalist. It does not clutter the place. Children love to move & hence lesser furniture is better for them. There are no sharp edges. They are colorful and relative to the height of a child. Even the cabinets are easily accessible by children. They are taught to be independent and self-sufficient; they can take and keep back their toys. h1>Our Toys and Other EquipmentSince we follow the Tagore philosophy that is nature based, most of our toys are made from natural material like wood. Lesser use of plastic toys is preferred at our school unique toys are brought from all over the world selected for their ability to contribute to a child's learning and fun. They are specially used as part of their every-day-activity. Safety is given the prime importance. They are always child friendly. Children can take and keep them on their own.

Art Activities

A complete set of art-material is at the child's disposal - play doh, paints, crayons, pastels, papers, painting brush, gum, stamping pads, different types of craft materials to enjoy, learn and grow.


A special reading corner, with children specific books that a child can spend his time productively; choosing various pages and looking at pictures.


We help the child in colour, shape, size and weight recognition assisting them to grow hand-eye- coordination-sequencing, sorting and more.

Puppets and Costumes

There are topic specific puppets and costumes and child's size puppet theatre, where a child can have fun and simultaneously grow on motto development, music and language among other skills.

Outdoor Play

Water play and sand play and other playing activities where a child doesn't just while away his time, but play games that are fun and add to his development.

Traffic Pack

Teaches the rules & regulations of Traffic and signals.

Admission Kit

No heavy bags, no boring uniforms and the child get his first present from school- The admission kit - A cute bag, a T- shirt and a cap to be worn only on field trips, bag is specially designed to be soft, light and child-friendly. It's like a part of school being with him at home.

The Good Parenting Manual

The good parenting manual is a unique feature of Tulip Model. The manual can become a parent's best friend. It guides the parents through children related issues.

Parents-Participation Program’s

The Tulip Model has the "art of parenting" workshop for parents to give them the much needed support and guidance in parenting skills. Regular workshop for parents along with monthly information sheets that keep them in touch with the happenings in their kids classrooms. Also there is a unique parenting article every month, which gives them insight on parental issues.