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Child’s Day at School

Load of free play: When many of the indispensable skills are developed and a child get to select what he/she wants to do.

Musical Time: With unique songs (not the same old Twinkle Twinkle Little Star) done with unique accompaniments like pomp pomes, musical instrument, sound box, xylophone, puppets story aprons and gloves.

Concept Time: Children try to understand own self, his/ her family and the world around him through stories, games and interactive sessions.

Snack Time: Where a child learns to eat on his own and imbibes other table manners.

Out Door Play: Lots of child friendly equipments and loads of safe space for a child to run around and grow in health.

Story Time: Stories with a specific topic with puppets, flash cards, scroll box, colorful pictures, models and stick puppets.

Field Trips: Field Trips to places that are related to monthly topics are conducted.

Toilet: Child size and child-friendly toilets always accompanied by a maid, and toilet training is being given by the teachers.

Art & Craft Time: innovative and creative art and craft work with non toxic & child friendly materials.

Additional activities

Some of our programs feature really exciting activities that are designed to engage your child in the learning process. However, they can also be very beneficial to his/her cultural and emotional development, and have a positive impact on the kid.

Enrichment Programs

Our enrichment programs are designed to develop talents as well as creative and technical skills of gifted children. It is a perfect way to encourage your child to discover the surrounding world.

Summer Camp

We have a summer camp for all our pupils. Here they can enjoy benefits of our learning center, have fun playing with friends while also preparing for school and learning something new.

Before School

If your child needs more preparation for his/her first school lesson, our teachers can help your kid form the strength of will to learn and assist him/her in mastering new subjects and material.